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Approved November 17, 2012

The Roosevelt County Library System , which consists of the Roosevelt County Library, the Culbertson Public Library, the Froid Branch Library, and the Poplar City Library, is pleased to be able to offer another source of ideas and information via computers/internet.  The Roosevelt County Library System, henceforth referred to as the Library, offers this public connection free of charge.

With the internet’s vast and changing connections, services, networks, and information, it is not the same as selecting and providing material for a library collection.  There may be sites that contain material which might prove offensive to some users.   Additionally, not all sources on the internet provide accurate, complete, or current information.  Users must exercise judgment and evaluate for themselves the value of the information found online.

Minors: (under the age 18)
Parents and legal guardians who are concerned about their children’s use of computers/internet should provide guidance to their own children.  Parents/guardians may restrict only their own children’s access to
the computers/internet accessible through this Library.  Parents/guardians must come to the Library to sign a consent form for each child allowed to use the computers/internet.  By having the parent/guardian sign this form, it is hoped that this will alert them to their child/children’s intention of using the computers and that the parent/guardian will advise their children about their expectations, concerns, and safety matters relating to these electronic resources and the internet.Users must exercise caution when using the computers/internet to avoid unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors.
Parents/Guardians are urged to caution their child/children about giving others private information about one’s self or others, including credit card numbers and social security numbers; arranging a face-to-face meeting with someone one has “met” on the computer network or internet without a parent’s/guardian’s permission.  
Any use that compromises the safety and security of minors when using e-mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications is unacceptable and will be considered a breach in this policy.

User Compliance:
Users are required to comply with both the letter and the spirit of this Policy.  Users of the computer and network resources agree to operate in compliance with international, federal, state, and local laws.                                                             

Users are expected to act in accord with the following guidelines based on common sense, decency, and civility applied to the networked computing environment.
Examples of prohibited activities include, but are not limited to the following: violating copyright law, theft, file theft, violating other’s privacy, deliberately crashing library workstations or computer systems, modifying files without authorization, altering data, changing the settings and configurations of public access computers, entering sites which require fees, introducing viruses or “Trojan horses,” damaging files, interfering with the work of other users, maliciously disrupting network services, harassing or intimidating others, concealing or misrepresenting their name or affiliation to mask irresponsible or offensive behavior, sending abusive or patently offensive or unwanted material to others, penetration or harm to operating systems, reselling bandwidth, or any other illegal acts promulgated from or targeting the Library’s computers or computer systems.
These prohibited activities include devices and systems on the Library’s network, world wide web site or other non-specified computer or network resources managed by the Library.

Use of this Library’s computers/internet to display or disseminate sexually explicit or sexually suggestive material is prohibited.  Violators of this policy will be removed from the Library and will have their privileges revoked.

Pursuant to Montana Code Annotated Section 45-8-201, a person commits the criminal offense of obscenity when, with the knowledge of the obscene nature thereof, s/he purposely or knowingly exhibits (displays) or otherwise makes available anything obscene to anyone under the age of 18.

If abuse of computer systems occurs, those responsible for such abuse will be held legally accountable.  Misuse of Library computer or network resources may constitute trespass or disruptive behavior, both which carry legal consequences under Montana State Law.

By using the Library’s computers, the user agrees that the Library can assume no liability for any loss or damage or injury arising from the Library’s provision of the service or consequences arising therefrom.  Users indemnify and hold harmless the Roosevelt County Library System and Roosevelt County against any liability for damage or loss arising from use or misuse of the services provided by or through the Library.

The Roosevelt County Library System/County does not control the content or assume the responsibility for information retrieved from the computers/internet.  The Roosevelt County Library System/County assumes no responsibility for costs of damage nor liability for copyright violations by inappropriate use of this service.

The Roosevelt County Library System retains the right to review material on its computer networks and to modify this Policy at any time.  The Roosevelt County Library System reserves the right to examine and delete any data stored on its equipment.

To Use the Computers/Internet:

Non-cardholders wishing to use the computers may do so ONLY if there is not a valid cardholding person waiting to use them and a station is open.  Valid Library cardholders of this Library presenting their card will be given preference.  Non-cardholders are required to follow all the rules below with the exception   being that they may be asked to relinquish their computers within a five-minute time period if valid cardholders want to use the computers/internet.  If the non-cardholder is under 18 years of age, an agreement form of this Policymust be signed by the parent/guardian and the child.   A non-cardholder student agreement form is good for one year from date signed.

Cardholders of the Roosevelt County Library:

  1. By using the Library’s computers, the user agrees to the Roosevelt County Library System’s Computer/Internet Policy.  Users should acquaint themselves with the current Roosevelt County Library System’s Computer/Internet Policy which is posted in the Library and on our website. Copies are available for the asking.  Anyone under 18 years of age using our computers must have an agreement form of the Roosevelt County Library System’s Computer/Internet Policy signed by the parent/guardian and the child.

  2. User must present his or her own current valid library card to “check out” their time on the computers/internet.  A user forgetting to bring their card or not having a card will be treated as a “non-cardholder”.  (see above) 

  3. User will be allotted the use of a computer for a 30 minute session.  If there is not another cardholder  waiting, a user may renew their use of the computer for an additional 30 minute session by asking the librarian at the front desk for a renewal.  Staff is not responsible for reminding users to renew their time. Users forgetting to renew at the end of their session leave themselves open to being bumped off. 

  4. Users are considered having completed a session whether they use the full allotted 30 minutes or not.

  5. Users may get on the library computers for two sessions with an allotted 30 minutes each per day.

  6. A bonus third 30 minute session may be available if no one, with card or without, is waiting to get on a computer.  Third session users will also be the first to be bumped off when anyone, with card or without, comes in to use a computer.

  7. Only the user whom the computer is “checked out” to should be in that area unless permission is granted from a Library staff member.

  8. Under extreme circumstances, users may be requested to shorten their time.

  9. This Library reserves the right to impose a “computer fine” on any person who by their discretion determines that there has been misuse of the computers, misuse of computer time, a breach in this Policy, a behavioral problem, etc. Depending on the infraction, a warning may be issued first.  If a “computer fine” is imposed, it will consist of denial of using this Library’s computers for a specified length of time determined by the Library Director. 

  10. No phone reservations will be accepted to reserve time on the computers.  The computers are on a    “first come, first served” basis.  It is to your advantage to sign the waiting list at the front desk if the computers are occupied.  If you leave the building, your name will be crossed off of the waiting list.

  11. All computers will be shut down fifteen minutes before the Library closes regardless of when the last person(s) checked out the computer(s).


  13. Printing is available for a small fee.  Ask for current rates.